"A tail-made solution for every client"

About me

Lionel van Est
Lionel van Est - Nutritionist

I've been interested in nutrition my whole life. Not only in the health aspect of food, but also the production and marketing has always fascinated me. It is therefore no surprise that I graduated as a dietitian/nutritionist. During my study, the topic of sustainability was also added to the list of interests and this is something that I continued to explore.

After my study I started my own company and I mainly focused on research of sustainability in the field of nutrition. At the same time, I have also fulfilled other activities such as guiding clients, providing information and giving advice to companies in the food industry. In 2017 I started 'Nutrisoft' together with a partner and we started to focus on developing nutritional software. We have also continued the sustainability research in the new company.

I believe it is important to deliver custom work. "A tailor-made solution for every client" is something that I value very much. You achieve this by actively having a conversation together and listening to the client's wishes. Only after the wish is clear I start making a plan. This way we ensure together that the end-result is exactly what you need.

“I believe it is important to pay extra attention to the wishes of the customer. My added value is my product knowledge, insight into the food industry and the challenges it offers. My job is to provide the client with the best possible support in the company or in conveying a message. I do this all with great pleasure and passion for my profession.”