Nutritional Consultant

My name is Lionel van Est. I am a nutritionist/dietician specializing in nutrition and sustainability. With Nutricon I offer the knowledge of a nutritionist on freelance basis. I have been doing this with Nutricon since 2015. In addition, we also develop nutritional software and manage data via Nutrisoft.

Product knowledge

I graduated as a dietitian/nutritionist. In addition, I have been working in the food industry since 2015. I am mainly focussed on scientific research in the field of nutritional value, eating habits and sustainability. This combination provides a broad product knowledge and 'insight' in the food industry.


Today, sustainability comes into play with every change. It is therefore very important to include sustainability in new assignments or changes within your company. My experience in nutritional science contributes to this.

Information and communication

I regularly give information or lectures about nutrition. The audience is very diverse. For example, I give lectures about science at conferences, but also information about general healthy nutrition to groups with less experience on this subject.

Software Development

Via Nutrisoft we have the capability to create tailored software solutions for any case where needed. We can provide software for automating certain parts of you company or communication tools to get a message out. Wheter it is a mobile app, a web-based solution or a desktop application, we can develop a software solution according to your needs. You can read more about this at

Being a young, modern and fast-paced company, I work mostly from the cloud. This means we do not have a ‘physical’ office, but we happily travel to you for a meeting. Coffee is on us!

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